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2009 LWML–Canada convention, Ottawa


Judy Grande, Marilyn Schultz, Dorothea Korcok and Eloise Schaan


Delegates hard at work



Newly-elected executive (l-r): Linda Horton, Treasurer; Joyce Heinbuch, VP Christian Growth; Marion Hollinger, VP Communication; Judy Grande, President; Anna Gruber, Recording Secretary; Iris Barta, VP Christian Mission; Gloria Meyer, Financial Secretary; Arlene Kish, VP Member Development.


Mission Walk participants pause near the Parliament Buildings for a picture.


Happening on the city’s music festival, the mission walkers join in on the dancing in the street while on their outreach walk.



Dancers entertain at the banquet.


Oleg Schewtschenko shares how he came to be studying at a Canadian seminary.



Throwback Thursday

2006 Convention Memories

2006 Regina Convention - Speaker Perpetua Alfazema from Mozamhique and President Marilyn Schultz-cr

Speaker Perpetua Alfazema from Mozambique and President Marilyn Schultz. In the background is the quilt backdrop made up of blocks produced by each individual society for the 1995 (?) convention.


The young women who attended the 2006 LWMLC Regina convention under the theme “In the hurry and hurt of life, REST IN JESUS” (Psalm 62:5-8).

2006 Regina Convention - Sorting of Alumin Servant Event at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

Cutting and sorting aluminum blinds was an ongoing project at Mount Olive Lutheran, Regina, and it became one of the servant events for the 2006 convention in that city. Proceeds went to the Regina Food Bank.

2006 Regina Convention - Banquet Entertainment - Seasons of Life (Sasktoon actors)

At the 2006 banquet drama and song told the story of Grace and her faith through baptism, Sunday school, marriage to a Christian boy and on to the rest of her life. “Seasons of Life” was written by LWMLC member, Norma Frank, and first produced for the Manitoba and Saskatchewan District LWMLC convention in 2004.


Officers elected at the 2006 convention: (l-r) Gloria Meyer – Financial Secretary; Pat Carlson – Treasurer; Judy Grande – President; Arlene Kish – VP Member Development; Cheryl Teeter – VP Communication; Anna Gruber – Recording Secretary; Ardith Pollex – VP Christian Mission; Shirley Meister – VP Christian Growth.

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A visit to Mission Café

Photo 2018-03-04, 11 39 10 AM_RGB300

SASKATOON – Each year on the first Sunday in March, Faith Lutheran Women’s Society of LWMLC invites the congregation to a luncheon called Mission Café. The proceeds go to the church’s mission giving. This event lends itself to using recipes of foreign origin since we often think “abroad” when we hear the word mission. This year a taco soup was offered, which at first was viewed with suspicion but soon became a favourite.


Taco Soup Here’s the original recipe:

Brown 1 lb gound beef  (I used a mixture of beef and pork), with one onion.

Mix in

1 pkg taco seasoning, as you like it – hot or mild

¼ to ½ tsp cumin

1 ½ cups of hot water, stir and cook a bit.

Add this mixture to

1 can chili beans

1 can corn

1 can refried beans

1 can black beans

1 can chopped tomatos

Cook until flavours are combined.


From the cook who hardly ever makes a recipe that way it should be:

I used cooked pinto beans, some of them refried, to equal about the same amount of cans required, and chili tomatoes instad of plain. Lastly, I thickened with Masa [corn flour and water] to give it that Latino flavour. This could be done with a few corn tortillas, softened in water.

Serve with crushed taco chips or nacho chips.

Renate Bishopp

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Throwback Thursdays

Memories from the 2003 convention in Toronto

2003 Toronto Convention presentation on Skin Cancer by Dr. Jason Sack, pathologist

Keynote Speaker, pathologist, Dr. Jason Sack, presented a humorous and informative session Saturday afternoon on skin cancer.

2003 Toronto Convention Mission Speaker Rev. David Somers Pastor at de l'Ascension in Montreal

Mission Speaker, Rev. Dr. David Somers, pastor at de l’Ascension Lutheran Church in Montreal shared the joys and challenges of “catching fish” with the limited French materials available.

2003 Toronto Convention Banquet Guest Speaker and Entertainer - Tara Lynn Hart_RGB300

Motivational speaker and entertainer, Tara Lynn Hart, was a hit Friday evening, as she shared songs and her story of struggles and challenges in her career.

2003 Toronto Convention Installation Service - Rev. Ken Eifert and Rev. Dr. Albin Stanfel_RGB300

The Sunday morning Installation Service was lead by pastoral counsellors Rev. Ken Eifert and Rev. Dr. Albin Stanfel.

2003 Toronto Convention General Council_RGB300-cr

General Council at the 2003 convention: Back (l-r): Ardith Pollex, Doreen Wagner, Jean Wagner, Shirley Besler, Marilyn Witte, Heather Chony, Carol Rein and Pat Geick. Front: Lynda Wachter, Helen Leonhardt, Anne Carson, Rev. Ken Eifert, Dr. Rev. Albin Stanfel, Marilyn Schultz, Lorraine Cathro.

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Throwback Thursdays

2001 Calgary Convention Theme Banner made by LWMLC St. Pauls Society of Medicne Hat, AB.

The theme banner for the 2001 convention, Calgary, Alberta, “Follow in His Footsteps,” was the workmanship of St. Paul’s LWMLC in Medicine Hat, Alberta

2001 Calgary Convention Celebrations Rev. Lowell Guebert giving President Marilyn the royal shine

Convention celebrations following the banquet: a fun time was had by all and Rev. Lowell Guebert wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity of giving our newly elected LWMLC president the royal shine

LWMLC President Marilyn Schultz - 2001-2006

Newly-elected LWMLC President Marilyn Schultz held the position 2001 – 2006

2001 Calgary Convention Banquet Harpist - Tisha Muruihill

Harpist Tisha Muruihill set the mood at our banquet with her soothing performance

2001 Calgary Convention - Ted Renaud presenting appreciation banner to LWMLC from group in northwestern Ontario

Guest presenter Ted Renaud ministered in Northwestern Ontario. His group expressed their appreciation for the support received from LWMLC across Canada with a banner covered in their handprints

2001 Calgary Convention Banquet Entertainment - Stampede City Chorus

Calgary Stampede City Chorus were a hit as they entertained us at our banquet

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Collecting all year long

Regina-Gd Shep_RGB300-sm

REGINA – Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has a wooden mitten tree made by two men from the congregation. It is set up year-round collecting toques, mitts, scarves and socks made by our dedicated knitters. Twice a year these items are delivered to Albert Community School, Chili for Children, Carmichael Outreach and the Salvation Army.

Naomi Matthes


Finding mission close to home

REGINA, Sask. – Grace Lutheran Church shares its building with New Beginnings, another LCC congregation. Members of Grace LWMLC held a spring tea and invited their sisters in Christ. Above they are shown making little crosses to put at each tea place setting as a take-home keepsake. We threaded them with a ribbon to act as a bookmark and glued little prayers on the back of each one. We called our little tea party a “Mission in our Midst” to socialize more with our sister congregation at Grace. Since it was the Lenten Season prior to Easter, our devotions and presentation for the day focused on Lent—we decorated with pretty spring colours and the tables were centred with real pussy willows and daffodils.  

Carol Schroeder


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Throwback Thursdays

1999 Convention Keynote Speaker - Betty Duda - former ILWML President

Betty Duda from Orlando, Florida, past-president for ILWML, served as keynote speaker at the 1999 convention in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

1999 Convention Bible Study Leader Rev. Dr. Don Matzat

Rev. Dr. Don Matzat, author, pastor, apologist and speaker, was Bible study leader.

1999 Convention Mission Speaker Rev. Revenel Benoit & Marie

Rev. Revenel Benoit (shown with his wife Marie) became an ordained Lutheran pastor in 1994 at St. Catharines, Ontario. He was the mission speaker for the convention.

1999 Thunder Bay Convention 38 LWMLC'ers travelled by bus - started in Saskatoon picking passengers along the way

The 1999 convention saw 38 LWMLC members travel to Thunder Bay by bus starting in Saskatoon with stops in Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg and Dryden to pick up passengers.

1999 Convention Banquet Entertaiment - Ukranian Dancers

Ukrainian dancers from Thunder Bay entertained banquet guests after a tasty meal was enjoyed by all.

2000 Thumbs Up! Thumbuddy Loves You - Jesus! Seminar presented to all 5 Districts in 2000

In 2000 the seminar Thumbs Up! Thumbuddy Loves You – Jesus! was presented in all five districts. Presenters were Helga Danielson, Phyllis Kober, Marilyn Schultz and Lynn Hemming.

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