I was glad when they said…

I recall as a young ‘tween in VBS making a banner with a crude sketch of a church on burlap with this accompanying Bible verse underneath: I was glad when they said to me “Let us go to the house of the Lord” (Psalm 122:1).

Growing up in a rural Lutheran congregation and community, I was glad to “go to the house of the Lord.” That is what you did. That is where you joined up with your friends. That is where you had youth group. That is where, after evening Lenten services, you went to the local ice rink to watch hockey with your friends.

The House of the Lord was the hub of activity. The pandemic changed the hub of activity in every aspect of our lives, especially activity in our place of worship. Even though restrictions are slowly being lifted, are we glad when they say, “Let us go to the house of the Lord”? Or is fear holding us back? Is the sin of slothfulness keeping you in pj’s, watching streamed worship services along with a hot beverage?

It will be difficult transitioning back to a changed normalcy. As followers of Christ, we should be glad when called to “go to the house of the Lord.” In the house of Lord, we are fed and nourished by the Word of God, we are strengthened in our faith, sins forgiven in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. By these means, we are encouraged but also by Christian fellowship. That is where joy abounds as we see friends smile not hidden by masks. That is where we gather to plan and execute the Lord’s mission work. That is where after Divine Service we may gather at a coffee shop to chat about life’s joys and trials.

You and I can be proclaimers to others: “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Be loving encouragers as we return to in-person worship. Our mission field may be our own congregations. Welcome others back with little gifts such as Christian bookmarks or individual packaged cookies or gum.

The gift tags come in a sheet of several for printing and trimming to size. Order your gift tag page from LWMLC’s Download on Demand (DOD) at dod@lutheranwomen.ca.

Check out the bookmarks at https://lutheranwomen.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Bookmark-final-theme-2021-full-page.pdf if you want to download and print. Or order from the LWMLC Resource Centre at resourcecentre@lutheranwomen.ca.

And Lord, may we be glad when they say, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Amen.

Donations to orphanages in Ukraine

In February of this year, Rev. Valery Verba of Novaya Kakhovka, Ukraine, who is the major orphan-work pastor there, wrote:
“Good afternoon, Pastor Harald. I am glad to inform you that your ministry brings more and more joy. We continue give away the things you sent to us. Now we have severe frost, and therefore everything that you conveyed to us is very relevant. We have heard a lot of words of gratitude and we want to convey to you everything…because this is not our merit, it is your service to the Lord! You are God’s blessing to us! Send my deepest gratitude to all Lutheran women, to everyone who knitted, bought, packaged, sent, paid, donated, prayed and still pray for us.”

Winnitoba Zone (Central District LWMLC) Pastoral Advisor, Rev. Dr. Harald Schoubye, made mission trips to Ukraine. He taught courses at Concordia Lutheran Seminary at Usatove, Ukraine, which is supported by Lutheran Church–Canada. In 2016, he taught courses on Genesis and Exodus. He took with him, and shipped, school supplies and knitted winter wear, which were donated by Holy Cross and Immanuel Lutheran Churches in Winnipeg for the orphanages in Ukraine. Donations of $1250 were also given to Rev. Oleksiy Nicolaev to distribute to the orphanages.

In 2017 Rev. Schoubye taught courses on Isaiah to the seminary students. Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, and congregations around Oroville, Washington, donated money that helped get a large Russian translation of the Concordia Self-Study Bible for students and the seminary library. Pastor Schoubye’s wife, Cynthia, who had joined him, provided Sunday school training for all the synod congregations.

At the Spring Renewal of the LWMLC Winnitoba Zone in 2018, Pastor Schoubye gave a presentation on his mission trips. There was an ingathering of knitted winter wear and cash for the orphanages, which Pastor Schoubye sent to Rev. Valery Verba in Novaya Kakhovka, Ukraine.

Our last LWMLC Winnitoba Zone Fall Renewal before COVID restrictions was on October 19, 2019. Our ingathering of knitted winter wear filled seven boxes, weighing 52 kg. Pastor Schoubye had some difficulty sending them to Rev. Verba, but did get them sent to Ukraine by early 2020. By the grace of God, despite COVID 19, the items arrived in Ukraine to help the orphans stay warm.

All praise and thanks to our Lord!

Helga Judt

LWML-Canada 2021

Ontario District hosts luncheon for vicars

The Ontario District LWMLC hosted a virtual luncheon for vicars on April 13, 2021. Again!

This year we were blessed to have three students who will be doing their vicarage: Jason Gillard, Chad Millerand and Nigel Prozenko. Because Chad is in the chaplaincy program at the seminary he has been doing his vicarage last summer and this summer. We wanted, however, to include him in our acknowledgement of the students who will be doing their vicarage this year.

Each student was introduced and LWMLC national president, Linda Long, provided them with a PowerPoint presentation of what LWMLC is about, how the ladies can support the vicars and how the vicars can support the ladies of the congregations they will serve. A sincere lament was expressed as we recalled this event being so kindly supported by host congregations, in person.

On behalf of the Ontario District, I want to wish our vicars the very best as they join the congregations appointed for their vicarage. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with them in person at some time in the future when COVID is no longer a restriction on our lives. May God bless you all as you continue to prepare for your life of service to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Diana Grant, Ontario District LWMLC, President

LWML-Canada 2021

Summer Tapestry in mail and online

Faith Lutheran Women, Saskatoon, packaged Tapestry, following COVID-19 distancing requirements. Only women from Faith’s family were invited to the packing bee when usually helpers also come from our sister congregation, St. Paul’s. Work tables were set two metres apart and the women were encouraged to work at the far ends of each six-foot table. Everyone arrived with her mask, homemade or otherwise.

Although the magazine is now entrusted to Canada Post for delivery somewhere near you, it may not reach you for some time. Therefore, we are posting a copy online for you to read until the print copy arrives. Download it here. (Use this link if clicking on the word “here” doesn’t work: https://lwmlcnews.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/t_su_20-digital-lr.pdf)

This is also an excellent opportunity to share it and encourage others to subscribe.

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Advent Reflections

Are you looking for a resource to help you focus on the coming of our Saviour? My Advent Reflection is one such resource to be found in the LWMLC catalogue. It may be ordered by email from resourcecentre@lutheranwomen.ca (C-18-42) for $.50 or you may take advantage of this gift to you from the Christian Growth Committee by downloading it here.

My Advent Reflection (Advent Devotion) Take time to reflect on Scripture during Advent. This devotion provides a Scripture verse for each day of the week starting on the first day of Advent and ending on December 25th. Consider writing your thoughts each day as you meditate on God’s Word and prepare for His coming. 2 pages #C-18-42…………… 50¢


Lavender Springs spa retreat

ST. ALBERT, Alta. – Thirty-three ladies attended the Lavender Springs Spa Retreat organized by the Concordia and Evergreen Zones. The retreat was held at the Star of the North Retreat Centre on March 22-24 and was based on the Psalms.

      A special mini-spa was held on the Saturday evening. Everyone received a basin of warm water and Epson salts for a foot soak. While soaking they applied a hand scrub made of coconut oil and Epson salts. Then there was a selection of lotions to rub on feet and hands. Each woman took her basin and towel home.

It was an uplifting weekend of Bible study, songs, and a time to reflect. The retreat committee is already hard at work planning next year’s retreat under the theme Cozy Mountain Lodge Retreat.

Karen Hildebrandt

The group gathers for a photo op.
Part of the retreat experience.

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The King’s quilters display results

100 MILE HOUSE, B.C. – Several of the women at Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church displayed some of the 137 quilts, 425 dresses from pillowcases, 369 shorts from t-shirts and sweatshirts, 195 bags, and six layettes they will be sending to Canadian Lutheran World Relief for distribution to those in refugee camps and others experiencing need throughout the world. Calling themselves The King’s Quilters, this is a group of people from Christ the King and their friends who work at home to make garments, quilt tops and blocks, apply bindings, etc., and meet in the church every Tuesday from October through April to tie the quilts. People throughout the community contribute fabric, pillowcases, shirts, sheets, etc., that are used in the making of these quilts and garments.

Wendy Jalbert

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Beautiful Feet theme of retreat

WESTEROSE, Alta. – Beautiful Feet (based on Romans 10:15) was this year’s theme for the Parkland Zone annual spring retreat April 26-28. Held at the 4-H Centre, Betty Ann McKinty and Linda Horton facilitated the event for 44 ladies, one amazing babysitter and four children.

On Friday night, after a welcome by the retreat committee, get-acquainted games were played; singing ended the evening. The facilitators led the ladies in sessions throughout Saturday. Singing was led by Meaghan Maskowitz with her guitar. In the afternoon, the ladies tackled some crafts including making a bookmark with their name in beads and surrounding the poem Footprints in the Sand with shells. After supper, foot massages were given for anyone who desired one.

A silent auction, held over the weekend, raised $1,532. The proceeds covered expenses incurred by the retreat with the balance used for the expense of future presenters. In the past, the proceeds from the silent auction have often supported young women going to LWMLC conventions. An offering of $465 was taken over the weekend, half going toward LWMLC Mites and the other half to the Parkland Zone LWML Bursary.  

From some who attended:

“It truly was an awesome get-together and really enjoyed seeing everyone on my first sleepover. Comfy dorm rooms and bathrooms, and amazing meals!! Thanks – looking forward to our next retreat.” ~ Bernice Stauffer 

“Good food, we had fun with our beautiful feet, awesome action, fast and furious at silent auction. Good fellowship. Met new people and old friends.” ~ Holly Schneider

“Relaxing time with old friends and made new friends. Foot massages from our district president, Linda Horton. Refreshed physically and spiritually. We are blessed to have this time.” ~ Karen Jans

Melissa Henke-Lambert


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Making bags of encouragement

MOUNT FOREST, Ont. – I am excited about the Hanover Zone Spring Rally I attended May 4 at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

        Our theme was “Called to Serve.” Ingathering items went to Ramoth House, a home for new mothers and their babies. In addition, we were given a cotton bag to decorate with encouraging words or a cheery picture. These lovely bags were taken home, a small gift and an appropriate encouraging note tucked inside and then will be given to someone who needs a lift and a smile added to their day.

        A potluck lunch was served followed by a prayer service led by our pastoral counsellor, Rev. J. Rinas.

Lorna Kingston

A Christmas Tea

LEDUC, Alta. – On December 2, St.Peter’s LWMLC society held their annual Christmas party. This year it was changed to a Christmas tea, where ladies were encouraged to bring their favourite Christmas baking to share. Christmas crackers were opened and everyone wore their paper crowns. 

Doris Henke and Melissa Henke-Lambert performed a skit called Prepare to Share, where a married couple is getting ready for the beach with friends, and the husband Eb is wondering why his wife Flo is bringing her Bible to the beach.  

We split into three groups to build to some gingerbread houses. Each was unique, and we had to be careful not to eat all the candies before decorating the houses.  

 Grace Vos read a Christmas story from the book Family Christmas by Dr. James Dobson, which brought a tear to the eyes of many of us.

The afternoon was wrapped up by singing a few of our favourite Christmas carols. o

Melissa Henke-Lambert

Melissa Henke-Lambert and Doris Henke prepare to share.
A gingerbread creation
Another creation.
Hold tight while the icing sets.