Seminary students learn about LWML-Canada


 Each spring LWML-Canada, with the help of the Ontario District LWMLC and its zones in the St. Catharines area as well as the ABC District LWMLC in the Edmonton area, hosts two dinners for seminary students who are preparing to go on vicarage.

The dinner in the Ontario District for four seminary students from Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary was held at a beautiful old country church, St. John’s in the Stevensville/Snyder area of Ontario. The congregation has served their Lord for 142 years and on the evening of March 26, 2010, six of their ladies served the Church and their League by putting on a wonderful meal for the students, their families, faculty from the seminary and members of LWML-Canada. The Niagara and Mitchell zones served as co-hosts.

More than thirty people gathered April 9,2010 for a tasty meal at Bethel Lutheran Church, Sherwood Park, Alberta. The group included five seminary students from Concordia Lutheran Seminary, their families, seminary faculty and members of LWML-Canada.

The highlight of the evening in both locations was a competitive game of LWML–Canada’s version of television’s Wheel of Fortune game show. With the help of her grandchildren, President Judy Grande “manufactured” this great teaching tool which provided more than an hour of fun, fellowship and learning. Even “Dnepropetrovsk” could not stump the avid contestants. It was a fun and creative way to help everyone understand the values, mission and vision statement, grants, and structure of the organization. Judi Luckhardt at Bethel and Gloria Meyer at St. John’s, each a.k.a. Vanna White, placed the letters on the board for each team as they took their turn to solve the phrase that was a lead-in to learning about part of LWML–Canada.

The vicars learned how they can be a part of building and encouraging the societies in their upcoming call and about the loving support available to them from this mission-minded group. Vicars and spouses were each given a package stuffed full of great resources available from LWML–Canada for the women of the Church.

Tim Schneider, on behalf of himself and the other 2010 vicars from Edmonton, Darren Dressler, Steven Hoffman, Stephen Bartlett and Michael Montague, thanked President Grande and the rest of the ladies for sharing the LWMLC story. The 2010 vicars from St. Catharines, Daniel Bonato, Gregory Palmer, Adam Walker and Wayne Zhang, responded as a group with appreciation for the evening, for the information, and for all the support and encouragement they were given.

From reports by Doris Osgood, Ontario District League Tidings Editor and Judi Luckhardt, Alberta-British Columbia District Vice-President for Communication. 
vicars from Edmonton pose with President Grande

(l-r) Stephen Bartlett, Michael Montague, Tim Schneider, Judy Grande, Steven Hoffman and Darren Dressler

posting letters for game

"Vanna White" and her assistant post letters during game.Vicars, their wives and children from CLTS in St. Catharines.

Vicars and families - CLTS St. Catharines

The vicars, their wives and children from CLTS, St. Catharines


2 Responses to “Seminary students learn about LWML-Canada”

  1. 2010 in review « LWMLC News Says:

    […] Seminary students learn about LWML-Canada May 2010 1 comment 3 […]

  2. Deborah Gruben Says:

    Fantasic Idea. Could LWML-Canada provide a list of where these Vicars have been placed. Allowing us to send mail or email to them as well as invite them to our society, Zone, activities. Naturally we will keep them all in our prayers . Thanks and God’s Blessings

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