News bytes from the districts

Grant payments completed
Raija Simmons, Vice-President, Mission Grants reports that all the district’s mission projects chosen to receive grants this triennium have been paid. During 2007-2010 they sent $9,000 to seven recipients.
Faith & Fun Day is an annual event
 Women Called to Serve by His Love served as the theme for the Ontario Sonset District’s third annual Faith & Fun Day held at Calvary Lutheran in Thunder Bay last February. Twenty-five women enjoyed singing, devotions and a short Bible discussion, “How’s Your Heart?” Then they paired off to get to know one another. Each participant will focus on this new friend during the coming year, remembering her in prayer. The $150 offering was matched by the District LWMLC and sent to LAMP. Forty-five grocery items were gathered and sent to the Shelter House food bank in Thunder Bay.Thunder Bay Zone representative, Bev Bloom, reports that the Faith & Fun Day has been a very successful mid-winter event “reminding us of who we are and encouraging us to be faithful to God and to each other.”

Used stamps provide Bibles in Afghanistan
Marian Obeda of the Ontario LWMLC District reports, ” Since September I have taken stamps to the Canadian Bible Society twice. They were worth about $280, and I still have stamps to trim! The focus this year has been to provide our men and women in the service of our country with Bibles. These men and women are serving mainly in Afghanistan. What comfort they find in studying God’s Word. That is a comforting thought to us as we trim the stamps.”
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