Speakers bring passion and joy

Mission speaker Melissa Salmon spoke passionately at the Ontario LWMLC District convention about her work in Mexico. She is the co-founder of Heart to Heart Sisters in the US and works with the people of Tijuana, Mexico, where their major focus is outreach, mission support and training along the border region. Through an outreach program they call Proyecto Joel they train laity for personal evangelism and youth outreach. Using the talents of Mexican Lutheran youth they are trained to reach out to youth in the public school system to educate on how God responds to such social problems as teen pregnancy, violence, drugs and alcohol abuse.

 Keynote speaker Annetta Dellinger from Plains City, Ohio, spoke twice. First, at the banquet where, with the use of humour and God’s word, she let us to see that, “We are not aging, we are marinating in real JOY.” At the Saturday session her topic ” From Generation to Generation in real JOY” emphasized the convention theme “I AM: THE BRIDGE, Generation to Generation” and the Bible verse, “The Lord your God will cross over ahead of you” (Deuteronomy 31:3a ).

Rev. Oleg Schewtschenko and Rev. Ted and Rebecca Krey, addressed the convention body, speaking of the work of Lutheran Church-Canada in Odessa and the Dominican Republic.Participants were thrilled to have LWML-Canada president, Judy Grande, with us to speak and be a part of our convention for Thursday night and Friday.

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