Reaching out to ‘tweens and teens

To “assist women in developing skills to confidently carry out the mission of the Church” is one of LWML–Canada’s goals.

One women has seen a need and is setting out to do something about it. Becky Gust of Langenburg, Saskatchewan, has been researching the LWML (U.S.) program for teenage girls called Friends Into Serving Him (FISH). With a preteen daughter and no youth program in her congregation she contacted LWML–Canada to see if a similar program is available in Canada. Since it isn’t, and with encouragement and support from LWMLC leaders, she plans to initiate a group in her own congregation this Fall to “provide opportunity for pre-teen and teen girls to be in mission by serving others.”

If you see a similar need in your congregation, Becky would be happy to share her ideas and have your support and encouragement in, as Becky says, “showing our young people how amazing God’s gifts are and how we can share them cheerfully with others.” To contact her send your email to and we will put you in touch.

Visit us at or on Facebook at “Lutheran Women.”

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