Ontario women provide beds for needy

Picture of Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love

Liz Dowswell, Director of NeighbourLink Sarnia-Lambton sent her thanks to the members of the Ontario District LWMLC for their overwhelming support of both new and used bedding at the 2010 convention in Sarnia. The Gifts of Love filled their shelves to overflowing. Following is her description of how these gifts will be used.

“Each week, families arrive at our storage room at Christ Lutheran Church, Bright’s Grove, for sheets, blankets and pillows of all sizes for their family. They are so thankful for this project which enables children, parents and the elderly to receive a good used bed and all the bedding to go with it. Sometimes the children come with their parents; they are so excited as they are going to get – for the first time – a bed of their own. These children have been sharing a bed with a parent or sibling and have never had a bed of their own. You can imagine their excitement to bring home a bed that is their own!

“Often seniors and disabled people have been sleeping on a couch or a reclining chair and have been waiting to a bed for weeks – even months. They have not had the means to purchase even a used one and may have recently just heard of our project. We are so blessed to be able to assist them to receive a good used bed.

“Many times, families come in just to get sheets and blankets as their finances just keep the rent paid, the utilities on and food on the table – yes, right here in Lambton County! So many of us have such an abundance of material goods that we don’t realize the desperate needs within our own communities. It is such a blessing to be able to help our neighbours – both near and afar.”

© 2010 LWML–Canada

Visit us at www.lutheranwomen.ca




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