Faith in daily life

Cover of "Tapestry"The latest issue of Tapestry, a magazine that seeks to make faith relevant for Lutheran women, will be available soon. Here’s a heads-up on some of the content.

Are you on Facebook? Have you used it to share your faith…encouraging others, praying for them, and the like? Wendy-Lee Kruesel has first-hand experience and she shares it with readers. Paired with it is information showing how you might use the Internet for outreach even if you don’t use a computer.

Have you had a gift from God take you by surprise? Faith Bogdan shares a friend’s story that will help you recognize such surprises and their source in the everyday happenings of your life.

Often we are encouraged to do “random acts of kindness.” As a Christian woman it seems like a great way to please a heavenly Father who treats you with kindness and mercy. But is that what He, through His Word, has gifted you to do…scatter some good deeds at random? Is that what kindness, as a fruit of the Spirit, really all about?

If you would like to read these and other articles, order your copy today from

The cost of a single copy to your home address is $2.90. Or order all four issues of this quarterly publication for $11.50. If there is an LWMLC society in your congregation you may ask to be included in their order. The price would then be $2.00 for a single issue and $8.00 for a year’s subscription of four issues.

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