“Think Hebrew” speaker urges

Opening Service

Choir sings at opening service

Keynote speaker, Beverly Adam, was both amusing and thought-provoking as she encouraged everyone attending the LWMLC ABC District convention in Kelowna, July 9-11, to “think Hebrew; put God first in your lives.” A retired Lutheran schoolteacher, wife, mother, grandmother, Bethel teacher and Bible study leader, Ms. Adam shared the good times, the bad times and the everyday times in her life, including a recent battle with cancer.Ms. Adam also spoke at one of the convention’s breakout sessions, beginning her presentation on Servanthood: Using Your Spiritual Gifts by saying, “There are many gifts of the Holy Spirit; each of us has a unique gift. Firstly, know your gifts and then use them to serve the Lord.” She noted that when we know what our gifts are, we should not be shy about telling others and we should volunteer to use them. “God loves a cheerful giver,” she said, “so use your gifts and get involved!”Other breakout sessions held on Saturday, July 10 included 1) The Nicaragua Experience with presenters Rev. Ralph Mayan and wife, Linda; 2) Now That I am Retired with presenters Don Kulyk and wife, Michelle; 3) Real Life Family Ministry with presenter Gary Brucker; and 4) Medical Missions with presenter Doris Humphrey.

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