Being healthy is focus of Lutheran women in Ontario

Over the past five months Mitchell Zone of the Ontario District LWMLC has explored the theme “Serving the Lord with a Healthy Body, Soul and Mind.”

In April their Spring Rally at St. John’s Lutheran, Seebach’s Hill, Ontario, focused on healthy bodies with guest speaker Marcia Eberhardt of the Tai Chi Society in Stratford.

In May the theme of their prayer service was “What is a Healthy Soul?” The answer, they found, was living and trusting in Jesus Christ and rejoicing in all God does for us. This service was held at St. Paul’s Lutheran in Tavistock.

The September 20 Fall Rally, at St. John’s in Wartburg, looked at “Serving the Lord with a Healthy Mind.” Guest speaker, Ruthann Carter, case manager for the Huron-Perth branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, told the group that depression comes in many forms, from simple despondency to deep clinical depression. The stigma attached to mental health issues remains a deterrent in seeking needed help. She indicated that there is no one cause for depression. It can be biological, a chemical imbalance, or just a general despondent outlook on life. Depression can and does interfere with work and social life and can leave a person feeling worthless and/or helpless. Most depressions are treatable with counselling, professional help and medication.

How can we help? We can be there for them, offering support individually or for groups. Most of all we need to be patient, listen, be non-judgmental and let them know we really do care about them and their particular situation. We can also let them know that help is available. Their doctor can put them in contact with available support services.

And…to maintain one’s own healthy mind, she recommended becoming involved in activities that interest us and striking a balance in all aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, financial and mental. As Christians we would add that that is enabled by living a Christ-centred life.

A Christian Growth Workshop is scheduled for October 25 at Zion Lutheran, Dashwood.

Based on a report by Linda Gilbert

©LWML-Canada 2010

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