New study helps prepare for Advent

Advent study coverA four-session study, Company’s coming soon! Are you ready? will help you prepare for the arrival of our King. The first session begins by asking participants to share four things they do when company is coming. How do these compare with preparations for Christmas?

The Advent season is the time of the church year when we focus on the coming of Christ. Jesus our King comes to our hearts as the Holy Spirit gives us faith; He comes to us daily as the Spirit strengthens us through Word and Sacrament, guides us and gives us power to live our lives according to His will; and finally He promises that He will come again in glory to take us home.

Women in particular will be able to relate to making preparations for company and the author particularly encourages women of the congregation to gather in small groups, all studying the same subject in the same time frame, though not necessarily the same day of the week or time of day.

This study, produced by LWML–Canada may be downloaded from the League’s website at Or order it via e-mail from Print copies can be ordered from the LWML–Canada Resource Centre (1-888-596-5226) for $1.50 plus shipping and handling.

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