Small size, big heart

Newly elected officers

Rev. Garry Heintz installs the newly elected district officers.

While the Ontario Sonset District in Northwestern Ontario is one of LWML–Canada’s smallest districts, this small district has a big heart.

The 46 women (30% of their district membership) who attended the triennial convention September 17 and 18 raised their goal for mission grants by $1,000 to a total of $10,000…to be collected, along with an additional $6,775 in their work program, through the mite boxes of members and friends over the next three years.

A unique project for this district is the support of the Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada in translating the Old Testament for the Kwanja people in Cameroon, West Africa. Laptop computers are critical equipment in their translation work, but break down frequently due to severe weather conditions (dust permeating the computers and also high humidity), requiring them to be replaced often.

They have also consistently supported the Aurora Lutheran Bible Camp, located outside of Thunder Bay. This camp has been dedicated to bringing the Word of God to children and youth for the past 51 years. Although the Lutheran congregations in the Thunder Bay area are responsible for maintenance and repairs of the facility, major expenses such as roof replacement become a larger expense that the District ladies try to support.

Since their first convention in 1992, the Ontario Sonset District continues to support the work of LAMP in seven First Nations communities in Northern Ontario, not just for work with VBS in the summers, but also sports programs and ministry to the adults and elders with Bible studies and prayers.

An offering at the opening communion service of $883 will be put toward the mission grants selected. A second offering of $634 will go to the Lutheran Community Care Centre’s chaplaincy program in Thunder Bay. “Gifts of Love”– an ingathering of Emergency Care Kits for the Dryden Regional Health Centre – netted 176 kits. Each kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant and a comb, all placed in a zip-lock bag. In addition, 60 imperishable items were collected for the Dryden Food Bank.

Guest speakers included, Rev. Thomas Prachar, Central District president (preacher at the opening communion service); Rev. Garry Heintz, district counsellor (Bible study leader); Judy Grande, LWML–Canada president and Iris Barta, LWML–Canada Vice-President, Christian Mission.

The convention was hosted by the societies in Dryden, Ontario.

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