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Children in NicaraguaDid you know…

Last week Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan visited with LCC missionaries in Costa Rico.

Oct. 19 Rev. Dr. Bugbee attended the 56th Annual Synod (Convention) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (ELCE).

More than one hundred children and their deaconess teachers gathered in Martin Luther Chapel in Chinandega for the first-ever Children’s Reformation Celebration Saturday, October 9.

October 5 – Rev. Dr. Neitzel shared the Gospel on the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

These stories and many others can be found online at LCC On The Road

The posts include pictures and sometimes videos! Throughout the year Lutheran Church–Canada’s executive staff travel to review overseas mission work or meet with other church leaders. As they travel they post their stories from the mission field. If you want up-to-date information about the mission work of Lutheran Church–Canada (where much of LWML–Canada’s mission grant money is going) you can subscribe to have On The Road sent to your e-mail. Be among the first to hear the exciting news of the work being done all over the world in the name of our Lord and Saviour.

Iris Barta, Vice-president, Christian Mission

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