LWMLC zone event brings together three generations

Completed Chrismon Tree

The finished product

This fall Hanover Zone of the Ontario District of LWML–Canada decided to try something new. They chose to meet on a Saturday and in place of the usual speaker, each society was encouraged to invite their youth groups, grandchildren, and friends to gather together and make Chrismons.

A committee was set up to shop for the needed supplies: clear beads, pearls, glitter, ribbon, and styrofoam, keeping in mind that Chrismons are to be combinations of white and gold only. Glue guns and sharp scissors were also gathered.

The day’s theme came from the district’s recent convention: I Am: The Bridge; Generation To Generation. Three generations came together to work on their Chrismons, asking questions regarding the symbols while choosing, cutting and decorating.

Some of the youth thread looped the Chrismon ornaments to hang on the evergreen tree and they were most proud and pleased. The completed Chrismon Tree will be donated to the Clifford hospital for Christmas. Extra Chrismons were made and taken home.

The Chrismon Tree is highly symbolic, conveying the life of Christ and the meaning of Christmas through commonly found items and easily understood symbols borrowed or modified from other sources. Seven symbols were chosen to make and their ornaments.

The tree is evergreen, representing eternal life, and decorated with traditional and modified ancient Christian symbols, called “Chrismons” which are usually handmade by a local congregation and or their youth, using only the gold and white and the green tree.

Frances Kipps Spencer, a member or the Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia, originated the concept in 1957 when she set out to create decorations appropriate for a church’s celebrations. After her death in 1990, Spencer willed the rights of her how-to books and to the Chrismons name to her church to continue its non-profit ministry.

Hanover Zone president, Leone Foerter and the church office secretary at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Clifford, Ontario, provided information and photos to make a handout and a video for those wishing to know more about Chrismons and how to make them. You will find them posted at www.lutheranwomen.ca/news.htm. Books about Chrismons can also be purchased in most bookstores. So gather a group together and have fun.

Hanover Zone’s rally was held October 16, 2010 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Clifford.

 ©2010 LWML–Canada

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