Ready for anything!


A colourful invitation was created.

The ancient Japanese art of furoshiki was the focus a community outreach ladies’ luncheon hosted by Faith Lutheran Ladies Guild of Ignace, Ontario, November 20, 2010. Furoshiki uses a square piece of silk or nylon to wrap and carry just about anything. As paper and plastic bags fall out of favour in our “green” world, carrying a square scarf or cloth in your pocket allows you to still bring home the groceries! Joyce Dost demonstrated how to fold and knot to make various bags, carry-alls and sacks using different sizes of scarves.

Outreach luncheons are held two or three times a year with a different theme each time. The hosts make it special with name tags, table favours and door prizes. For this day the table favour was a cross necklace for each woman at the table, purchased from the LWMLC Resource Centre. In addition to the demonstration a devotion was presented in the form of a skit that talked about “being ready” to share the Good News with everyone and “being ready” for heaven.

Ladies at lunch

Some of the 19 ladies who attended.

Raija Simmons reports: “We are very intentional about inviting ladies to the luncheon. Several weeks in advance we print invitations and distribute them as we go about doing our regular things in the community. I always carry a bunch in my pocket and hand them out as I go about my shopping. When I had a cup of coffee at a restaurant I gave some out to other customers (ladies) enjoying their meal or coffee. While waiting for an appointment at the local health centre I handed some out to other patients also waiting. I have also e-mailed invitations to friends.”

Each year there are new faces at the luncheon and they are eager to return for the next one.

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