Celebrating Advent – a new slant on things

Participating in an Advent devotion

Following several years of Christmas socials that followed a similar pattern where the highlight of the evening seemed to be a goofy style of gift exchange, the women of St. Paul’s were ready for something different. The afternoon of the first Sunday in Advent, November 28, 2010, they gathered for a special Advent celebration.

After a short time of fellowship the first part of an Advent devotion explaining the Advent wreath, incorporated Scripture and Christmas carols and lighting candles in a wreath, drew

Candle with cover and Advent chain

attention to Advent and the coming period of waiting rather than celebrating Christmas early. Then the ladies made special “covers” for votive candles to be taken home at the end of the afternoon. These covers were made from vellum with Scripture passages related to light printed on them.

As the covers were completed, participants took them and their candles to the sanctuary where they each selected two prayer suggestions and found a quiet spot to pray for these suggestions plus any personal prayers they wanted to offer. After prayer each woman lit her candle and placed it on the communion rail. Once all the candles were burning the group assembled in the pews and completed the devotion begun earlier.

Dorothy and Marj selecting prayer suggestions

The afternoon concluded with dessert and coffee. Each participant was given an Advent chain to take home with one link to be removed each day. Inside each link was a Scripture passage about light.

Many favourable comments were received.

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