Building Baby Bundles

Finished baby bundles

Everyone gathers after a job well done.

For many years women of St. Paul’s LWMLC group in Saskatoon have been putting together layettes for Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR). This year they added a new twist.

As part of the LWMLC group’s General Gathering, enough items were set out in the church basement for each child in the Sunday school to build a bundle. They began by showing a DVD from CLWR called “One Good Thing.” Then each child selected an adult partner to help them as they collected the right number of items and set about bundling everything into one of the receiving blankets and placing each bundle into a We Care bag.

Once the work was done Sunday school children, parents, teachers and LWMLC members sat down together to enjoy pizza and valentine cookies.

It proved to be a worthwhile experience…seeing, learning, serving and mixing generations.

To see more photos and to watch two short videos taken at the event by Pastor Mark Dressler, visit St. Paul’s Facebook page.

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