LWMLC member to volunteer in Nicaragua for three months

Liz in Nicaragua

Liz in Nicaragua in 2010

Liz Mellecke has been accepted to go on a three-month mission for Lutheran Church–Canada in Nicaragua. The purpose of the mission is to build relationships with members of the community through participation in “English as a Foreign Language” opportunities. While sharing knowledge and skill of the English language, she will also have the opportunity to share the hope she has in Jesus Christ. It is a volunteer position and does not get any assistance from the church.

Liz was a member of the LWML–Canada team that went to Nicaragua during the last triennium. It brought her a love for the country and it’s people. She also spent time in Nicaragua on a VBS/construction trip in 2010.

Liz today

Liz today...ready to run, bike, walk.

To raise funds to cover her expenses she has decided to run/walk/bike to Nicaragua, a 3,553-kilometer journey. It isn’t a real run to there, but she will collect her daily mileage as she does any of these activities prior to the trip.

While this trip is not sponsored by LWML–Canada, it is arranged by our synod and we, in LWML–Canada, have a continuing interest in the Church’s mission in Nicaragua. Therefore, we share with you this information about Liz’s participation and her fund-raising activity so that any individual members who wish to do so may support her.

For more information from Liz and to let her know of your support, you may contact her at poetfae@hotmail.com. Please put “Run 4 Nicaragua” in the subject line of your e-mail to identify it to her.

To learn more about the project in which she is participating go to http://www.lutheranchurch-canada.ca/missions.php?s=nicaragua&p=10&m=volunteer. Liz has indicated that she will provide updates on Facebook and write about her experience for Tapestry.

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2 Responses to “LWMLC member to volunteer in Nicaragua for three months”

  1. Aileen Wetzstein Says:

    Liz – I lived in Peru for 6 years and would love to go with you but will settle for updates on what you are doing.

    Sounds exciting and very rewarding and fulfilling.

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