International Women’s Advent Tea—a heavenly experience?

Ontario ladies at tea

(l-r) Olga Bellak, Sandra Skillings, Eleanor Wall, Diane Ochs, Eva Binder, Pat Ade, Janice Pela,n Trudy Hummel, Carol Johnson, Nancy Murphy. Missing from picture: Javed and Nighat Kahn and four teachers from First Lutheran Academy.

Fourteen ladies from Good Shepherd Lutheran, Amherstburg, First Lutheran, Windsor, and First Lutheran Christian Academy attended an International Women‘s Tea held in December, 2010 at Faith Lutheran in Troy, Michigan.

Fifteen years ago 12 ladies met to initiate this tea; today over 200 were in attendance. Each group was asked to bring a dish native to their country. At least 35 countries were represented.

Elise Arndt, wife of Pastor Arndt of Faith Lutheran, Windsor, and head of ladies‘ ministries at Faith, described how the news and love of Jesus Christ is spreading at breakneck speed throughout the world. Several women witnessed to their conversion to Christianity and had us spellbound as they spoke of the risks of converting to Christianity, especially in the Middle East. Their love for Jesus Christ and the Gospel message is so very strong because of this.

Participants at the tea sang Silent Night—in 11 different languages. Maybe it was a picture of what heaven will be like.

Faith Lutheran in Troy has services in several languages including Urdu, Tamil, Punjabi, Hindi and Chinese. These services all happen at the same time so that everyone may fellowship together afterwards.

The Son of God came to bring salvation to His people, the Jews, but was rejected. He died for all, the Jews and the Gentiles and we must thank Him daily for that indescribable gift. We could learn a great deal from the international ministry set up and running so beautifully in Troy. What a joy it was to meet and worship with such beautiful, dedicated ladies.

Diane Ochs, Amherstburg

©2011 LWML–Canada

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