Are you ready?


LWML–Canada currently provides a devotion each month on its website. But that means you need to keep checking to see if it is posted. We’ve decided to test another method to make it easier for you and to reach more women. The devotion will still be posted at in PDF format as well as in audio…WMA and MP3 format. But we will also post it here (July devotion below) for those who want to subscribe to this blog and have it arrive in their e-mail inbox.

Are you ready?
by Doreen Decore

open suitcaseAre you ready? For months we have been planning a vacation. We have looked at brochures of far away countries or ones nearby. In most cases we’ve considered many of the details. The decision of where to go may have been difficult as we simply don’t have the money to travel to the place of our dreams. Instead we’ve had to choose an alternative. Whatever the case, the time has come to get ready. There are so many things to do before we leave. The paper must be stopped, the yard mowed, the house cleaned and arrangements made for someone to watch our home while we are gone.

How do you get ready? Are you a person who starts getting ready weeks before you leave? You have chosen clothes you will take, either laying them on a bed or placing them in a suitcase. You have already done all the necessary things long before it is time to go. Or are you a person who does things at the last minute and now you are in a race against time? It’s crunch time; you leave on vacation tomorrow and you’re nowhere near ready. You will be up most of the night packing and doing everything in a rush.

God made no two people the same. He gave each of us a uniqueness that is not duplicated. We all do things differently. It seems that within a household there is always one person who is ready long before the time and one who is not. This can cause conflict, depending on the circumstances, but, in the end, all will leave on vacation.

In Matthew 24:44 it states, “Therefore you also must be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Jesus wants us to be ready for whatever He has planned for us. Time is a blessing God has given us and should not be taken for granted. As you wait for His return, use the time wisely to do God’s work so that you are ready.

Just as we pack our bags and do all the necessary things for a vacation, are we ready in our Christian lives as well? Do we actively take part in Bible studies, prayer groups, serve in capacities in church groups or council? Just as we have been mentored along the way for this work we will need to do the same for those who are younger. Are we doing this? Our preparation takes more time than simply attending church on Sunday mornings.

From when we were young children He has groomed us and planned for us. As we grow toward Christian maturity we will become frustrated by our sinful natures. We will keep doing the things we don’t want to do and not doing the good things we need to do. God is at work in us through all these times, sustaining us and keeping us in the faith.

We Pray
Be with us, Lord, and guide us in Your work while we are here on this earth. Help us to be ready to do whatever You have planned for us. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

SEEK!SHOW!SHINE!monthly devotion series
Published by the Christian Growth Committee of LWML-Canada


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