Service main thrust of zone event

sewing bandages

Linda Horton, president of Grace LWMLC, Calary, and Jacque Hagen, also a member of Grace LWMLC and historian for the South Alberta Zone, sew torn strips together in preparation for rolling.

Making bandages from donated sheets for medical missions at Lutheran Hospitals in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Malappuram Welfare Centre in Kerala, India, and many Bible translators in New Guinea and Africa, was the main event at the South Alberta Zone LWMLC spring rally last April. Home Hardware trucks transported the result to Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) in Winnipeg without cost.
The rest of the day’s program included Bible study, Divine Service with Holy Communion and guest speaker Jina Jorgensen. Jina’s topic was “Using Your Gifts.” An ingathering for Neighbourhood Link collected “Gifts for Gals”…gift bags for low-income moms.

Marilyn Harrison, Public Relations, SA Zone

© LWML–Canada

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