Small group, big heart


When the LWMLC society was started at our church, I was worried about the effectiveness of the organization at our church level. With so few of us volunteering our time to participate in this group, I thought it would be more of a monthly social gathering for us women, with not much coming out of it. I quickly learned how wrong I was. I am blessed to be working with such a wonderful group of ladies who are eager to help and show God’s work through them.
Since we began, just last year, we have accomplished so much. Our first fundraiser was a “time and talent” dinner and silent auction. With the proceeds we were able to help out numerous local organizations like our local food bank.
Recently we hosted a meal at the Mustard Seed. It is a local organization that thrives solely on donations and grants. It provides meals, supplies, resources, Bibles, ministry and much more to the needy of Edmonton’s inner city. God has always brought me, personally, be back to serve there and so I mentioned at a meeting that maybe we could host a meal. I was really moved by how all the LWMLC ladies got on board to make it happen. With the help of the Lord and these ladies, we were able to provide 300 servings of chili, salad and a bun.
I am looking forward to our next fundraiser in the summer to see what other great things we can accomplish in Jesus’ name.
For those small churches thinking about starting an LWMLC society, stop thinking and just do it. The Lord will use you to accomplish things you never expected to do.
Anita Hanneman
Bethany Lutheran Church LWMLC member


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