District women on journey of faith

Faces of God’s children.

Being women in the Word and of the Word is a current focus in our league. We soon find out that we have too much baggage on our journey of faith. What do those who look to us as mentors see as our priorities? This year’s retreat at Aurora Lutheran Bible Camp was a time to reflect on our “Journey of faith: a trip for a lifetime.” Twenty-six ladies from the Ontario Sonset District attended…with a good cross section of ages as well as both new and seasoned retreat-goers.

Each person takes with them something memorable on which to focus. Pictures are often worth a thousand words so camera buffs are always looking for that special shot. Irene Warpula and Stacey Nett both chose a rowboat pulled up on the shore as their focus. They were surprised to have the flash from their cameras form a cross on the bow of the boat. It reminded Irene of the children’s song, “With Jesus in my Boat.”

With Jesus in my boat….

“How true,” she said, “It is of our journey of faith! We need Jesus’ presence on our trip. When we are in the Word Jesus is the key to understanding it because He is the Word. It’s all about Him from beginning to end: His plan for us and all mankind.” (Romans 5:1-2)

President, Heather Chony, says, “More and more ladies are choosing to stay for the whole weekend instead of just Saturday. You should come and enjoy the fellowship, Bible study, skits and all the great food.” Another ladies retreat is planned for next summer.

~from a report in the newsletter of the Ontario Sonset District


4 Responses to “District women on journey of faith”

  1. Elaine Stanfel Says:

    May I have permission to use this article in the November/December issue of the Central District News in The Canadian Lutheran?
    And can the photos be separated and sent to me as well?
    Elaine Stanfel

    • Raija Simmons Says:

      Of course you have permission to use it in the Central District News of the Canadian Lutheran! Please send me your email address and I can forward all the photos of the retreat. ~ Raiija Simmons, Editor, Ontario Sonset District LWMLC (rhsimmons@sympatico.ca)

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