Launching a new triennium takes time

Meeting in Saskatoon: l-r: Gail Mitchell, Vice-President, Communication; members of the Internet working group – Lydia Parker, Kendra Cleave and Marissa Neuberger.

Each convention new officers are elected and new committees must be formed. It takes time. The new General Council meets in the month following convention. They spend some of that time getting to know each other and getting to know exactly what is required of them. Part of the meeting time is spent putting together lists of names of leaguers who have indicated a willingness to serve on an LWML-Canada committee or who might be willing.

Then comes a busy time of telephoning, trying to reach and talk with women across Canada. After playing telephone tag and such the committees take shape. Now more women need to get to know each other so they can work together effectively. Each committee meets face to face (the only time they will do so during the triennium) to begin planning. They consider what plans the previous committee was carrying out, what things they should continue, what things have run their course and what new ideas they should add. It all takes time and, after the meetings, there are many e-mails and phone calls.

The vice-president, communication, took it one step further naming each committee member to head up a working group of women and searching out women for those groups. Some of the other committees may add working groups as well.

Internet working group meets online with president, Iris Barta. VP Communication, Gail Mitchell has her back to the camera, communication committee member and Internet working group chair at right, Arlene Kish.

By mid-November all the committees have met and things are underway. In the coming issue of Get Connected (mailed December 15), you will learn who is serving on each of the committees and working groups and they will begin sharing some of their plans with you.


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