Do you have a story to share?

T_Su_12_coverMany women in Lutheran Church – Canada have accepted the challenge of sharing some moments from their lives to help sisters in Christ grow in faith through LWML – Canada’s magazine, Tapestry. Our magazine is in need of more writers. Might you be one of them?

No need to share deep, dark secrets in public. Tapestry readers enjoy reading about ordinary experiences that enlighten and enliven the Scriptures by providing real-life illustrations. Don’t like to write? Interviews are always a possibility and Tapestry editors can do the writing for you. Or review a book that fits the magazine’s theme.

The Spring issue will soon be printed and in the mail so let’s look at future themes. The deadline for receiving submissions for the Summer issue is coming up quickly: February 1. The theme will be “Keeping our balance in an unbalanced world.” An extension beyond the deadline is possible but please contact the editor-in-chief ( before the February 1 deadline. Submissions for the Fall issue are needed by May 1 and the theme is “The Gift of Learning.” Click on this link for more detailed information about the themes:

Questions? Contact Tapestry’s editor-in-chief, Marion Hollinger at



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