$18,965 grant money paid. What a difference Mites can make!

Cheque will assist five mission projects

President Iris Barta presents cheque to Dr. Leonardo Neitzel

Coins and bills, even cheques, placed faithfully into mite boxes are on their way to helping share the Good News of the Gospel around the world. A cheque for $18,965 has just been presented by LWML-Canada president, Iris Barta, to Dr. Leonardo Neitzel of Lutheran Church-Canada for use in Nicaragua, Ukraine, Thailand and Cambodia.

In Nicaragua one mission grant supports a sewing school that provides women with a skill that will earn them an income for themselves and their families and also shares the Gospel with these students. The sewing school has received $5,000 of the $15,000 that will be paid out over the triennium. A second grant assists the deaconess wives of three missionary pastors so they may help their husbands full-time. Three thousand dollars of a $9,000 grant has been paid.

Lutheran Church-Canada pastors and professors volunteer their time to teach seminary students in Odessa, Ukraine. Our mission grant helps pay for the transportation of these volunteers and also for translation services as they teach. For the first year of three years, $5,300 has been paid of a total grant of $16,000.

Of a grant of $6,000, $2,000 has been provided to assist evangelist Arporn, wife of Rev. Suchat Chujit, as she and her assistants lead Bible classes for women and children in Thailand.

The payment included $3,665 of $22,000 to assist deaconesses in Cambodia as they teach women and children. They also feed the hungry and give aid to those who are sick or have no family.    



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