Insights from Iris

Iris Barta, President

Iris Barta, President

God communicates to us through His Word. I must admit I’m a little envious of Adam and Eve. In the beginning, in their perfect world there were no barriers between them and God. Since the fall into sin, communication with God and with each other has become, to say the least, a little more difficult.

Remember playing “pass the secret” as a child? A message whispered into the ear of the first person comes out almost unrecognizable after being passed down the line. Often, the miscommunication was garbled at the first or second person! Of course, as we have grown and technology has advanced, communication has become much easier—right? Hmm—sometimes I wonder.

It often seems that despite all the communication tools at our fingertips we struggle to communicate effectively with each other. E-mail, Facebook, texting, etc., are amazing tools to help us keep in touch with each other and with many people we may not be able to reach otherwise. Imagine how many people Paul could have reached with a Smartphone in his jail cell!

A word of caution though, the first communication tools God gave us were our ears and mouth. Please note we have two ears and one mouth. As James tells us, in 1:19 “take note of this, everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak” (NIV).

Nothing can take the place of a personal conversation where we listen closely and use caution when we speak. Our hands and arms are also communication tools. Much can be said through a warm hand shake. A hug from a loving friend communicates volumes!

As an organization we continue to look for ways to effectively communicate with each other.  As your president, I am interested in hearing your ideas and concerns. General Council is elected to serve you and is willing to be quick to listen to you. The contact information at the back of each issue of Tapestry is there for you to use, please do!

Part of our mission statement is to share God’s Son with the world.  More and more we find that the world is not far away. The world is coming to Canada as more people immigrate to our great country. Those who don’t know Christ are often as close as the house next door or the next desk over at work.

The communication committee has been working diligently to update our website and Facebook page. Those are two very effective tools to share God’s Son with many people.  Remember, though, to add a personal touch. Listen to the people you come in contact with; let them know that God comes to them in whatever life circumstance they are in.

We may not have the perfect communion with God that Adam and Eve had, however, God comes to us through His Word and through Holy Communion.

The more we are in the Word, the more we hear His communication to us. I challenge each of you to make the goal of LWML–Canada to “hold fast to the Word through worship, study and prayer” your personal goal. A personal focus on God’s Word will change the way we communicate with God and with each other. That can only make LWML–Canada better able to understand and carry out His mission!

Iris Barta is a member of St. James LWMLC, Winnipeg and president of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada


Reprinted from Tapestry, Spring 2013. To receive a subscription to the magazine, click here for an individual subscription form.


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