Tapestry wins another award

CCPlogowoutlinerAt this year’s Awards Banquet, May 17, in Toronto, Canadian Church Press awarded Tapestry third place in the theological reflection category for publications with circulation under 10,000. The winning submission was “A Psalm for the Living” by Susan Olmstead, published in the Fall 2012 issue. The judge for this category, Rolf Pedersen, is a former editorial page editor of the Guelph Mercury and the Brandon Sun. He had this to say: This is an excellent, insightful article on the 23rd Psalm and Susan’s and her grandfather’s love of it. Her grandfather’s love of it was so intense that the spine of his Bible (which she still has) was broken at that particular psalm. That familiarity often blinds us to the meaning of a passage. However, in her article she makes it clear that she has not been blinded to the meaning and style of the 23rd psalm, which she analyses to some extent. She also notes a lesson to be learned from the form changes in this psalm and perceives that we should not talk lengthily about God without talking to Him. She writes in detail about what “I shall not want” means and is very forthright about her concept of the passage dealing with the “valley of the shadow of death.” It is wonderful to have someone tell us what an actual shepherd in the 21st century has to say about needs of sheep. Nice crisp ending: “What do you believe?”

The articles submitted had to be published during 2012. There is great value in participating. It allows us to see how we “stack up” against other Christian publications, especially since most of them have paid staff and we do not. We also receive helpful comments from the judges regarding each item submitted.

Tapestry has been a member of Canadian Church Press for most of its 18-year history. Whenever we can we have sent an editor to the annual conference. Having the opportunity to learn from and talk with professional editors has helped us in our attempts to provide the women of Lutheran Church–Canada, and particularly our members, with a professional quality magazine. One of the sessions we were particularly interested in this time was about publishing magazines online. Like most publications, we would like to provide subscriptions to both print and digital versions. How we might get there is something we have begun to explore, particularly as our print subscription base continues to decline.



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