A Little Bit of History

Eloise Schaan

Eloise Schaan, first president of LWML-Canada

The evening of June 20 and all day June 21 mark the actual 20th anniversary of Lutheran Women’s Missionary League – Canada. What details do you remember from the 1993 Founding Convention? Here are some highlights from the convention manual.

We had wonderful support for this new venture. Lutheran Church – Canada provided a grant of $10,000 toward travel costs. International LWML gave us seed money, a grant of $10,000 as well as one of the convention offerings from their convention which took place immediately before LWML-Canada’s Founding Convention. The Ontario LWML District provided the proceeds of an offering at their 1992 convention and Lutheran Life Insurance Company of Canada (today FaithLife) provided convention binders and supplies.

While LWML-Canada chose a new logo, motto and theme verse the Founding Committee asked and received permission for the league to use the long-familiar pledge.

At the celebration banquet the main speaker was Betty Duda, Past President of ILWML. The Crew provided entertainment. Deborah Pakrul brought forward extraordinary resolutions that brought LWML-Canada into being. Deb also wrote a song for the special occasion, “Come and Praise the Lord, our King.”

Keynote speaker the following day was Rev. Dr. Edwin Lehman, president of Lutheran Church – Canada. Delegates approved resolutions, chose officers and selected mission projects to support with their mites. A special thank-offering was received. Rev. William Ney, executive assistant to the president for parish services of the ABC district, led a Bible study, “Courageous Steps!”

Ida Mall, president of ILWML, in her letter of greeting, noted the dates each district of LWML-Canada was formed: May 15, 1950 – Laurentian; October 15, 1950 – Ontario; July 4, 1951 – Alberta – British Columbia; October 12, 1953 – Manitoba & Saskatchewan and June 20, 1990 – Ontario Sonset.

The following officers were elected: president – Eloise Schaan; vice-president for mission education – Gladys Zimmerman; vice-president for mission inspiration – Marilyn Schultz; vice-president for mission service – Edna Ulrich; vice-president for mission projects – Dorothea Korcok; recording secretary – Dorothy Brophy; financial secretary – Karen Nerbas; treasurer – Deborah Pakrul.

Since the Founding Convention, LWML-Canada, including its districts, has paid out almost $1.9 million in mission grants to spread the Gospel at home and abroad.


Check out more about LWML-Canada at www.lutheranwomen.ca


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