Walking in God’s garden

IMG_00000128_RGB150Thirty-six women, a record number, spent a glorious August weekend growing more in love with Jesus and feeling his presence at the women’s retreat held at Aurora Lutheran Bible Camp on Warnica Lake. The retreat began gathered around a campfire on the lakeshore.

Sharon Kentner led the group in a devotion that included singing songs of praise and writing thank you notes to God for all His blessings. The notes were written on boat-shaped foam and a candle was placed in the centre of each. The candles were lit and the boats set afloat on the lake.

IMG_00000125_RGB150The theme of the retreat invited participants to “take a walk in God’s garden” and ponder on His Word in the midst of the garden. Irene Warpula led this portion of the retreat, dividing participants into six groups, each with a different topic. An hour was allowed for discussion and then everyone came back together to discuss what they learned.

Saturday afternoon was free time for walking, swimming or enjoying the sauna. Bev Bloom prepared a craft for those who wanted to make decorated plastic canvas crosses. Included in the decorations were seashells as a reminder of our baptism.

A litany, prayers and hymn singing outdoors under the gazebo ended the day.

IMG_00000124_RGB150Fifteen women remained for Sunday morning worship of responsive readings, prayers, a message in poetry form and hymns of praise was led by Bev Bloom.

The new LWMLC Central District president, Arlene Kish of Bruno, Saskatchewan, and Member Development committee member, Verla Schmirler of Saskatoon, attended the retreat. Half the $15 fee charged for the retreat was given to the Thunder Bay Zone who organized the retreat and the other half to the camp.




3 Responses to “Walking in God’s garden”

  1. Jeanette Haberstock Says:

    Sounds like a great retreat. We haven’t had one in the Assinibone Zone for years, and we also have a camp. We’ll be in touch if we need some ideas.

  2. Elaine Stanfel Says:

    Once again…may I use this for the Central District News? Do you have high-resolution pics?

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