Clothed in Christ

Poster Small 06On Saturday, October 5, 2013 the society at Churchbridge, Sask., hosted the ladies of the Assiniboine Zone for their annual Fall Renewal. Theme chosen for the day was “Clothed in Christ.” We began with an opening devotion from the Yorkton society concluding with the hymn Jesus My Blood and Rightousness. Our pastoral counsellor, Rev. Jeff Dul, led a Bible study called “Clothed in Christ” based on the chosen verse for the day, Isaiah 61:10. We were reminded of the blessings of baptism and how Christ has clothed us with His righteousness.

A selection of ladies took part in an entertaining skit called, “Fashions That Function:  Wearing Many Hats.” We all had a good laugh as we saw bits of ourselves in each of the ladies modeling the many hats we wear in the church as we serve one another and our neighbour.

After a brief order of business we were served a lovely lunch of homemade soups, sandwiches (served with delicious homemade buns) and a variety of desserts. As we filled up on food and fellowship, the excitement began to build as we prepared to work on the items for our ingathering.

We chose three CLWR projects to be sent to Haiti. The projects we decided to work on were pillowcase dresses, t-shirt britches and rolled bandages. After cutting, pinning, sewing and rolling we wrapped up our day. Thirty dresses had been previously sewn and, adding in the ones we completed that afternoon, we finished with a total of 72 finished dresses. However, we had another 65 pillowcases cut and ready to be assembled together. Once those are finished we will be able to send a total of 137 pillowcase dresses to Haiti. Some of the ladies also worked on the other two projects finishing 11 t-shirt britches and four rolls of bandages.

It was a wonderful day full of friendship, fellowship and service. Our prayer with the items to be sent is that they will enrich the lives of those individuals who receive them. May they come to the knowledge of God’s true love for them. We pray they would hear His Word and desire to be baptized so they, too, would be “Clothed in Christ.”

Becky Gust, Langenburg Society

Sewing britches from t-shirts

Sewing britches from t-shirts

Sewing dresses from pillowcases.

Sewing dresses from pillowcases.



Preparing the pillowcases

Preparing the pillowcases


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