21,915 days of God’s blessings

SONY DSCCurious about that number? We used a calculator to creatively express 60 years. For Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Winnipeg, 2013 is a double celebration. Along with other societies, June marked LWMLC’s 20th anniversary. Recently we rediscovered our society’s first organized meeting was on January 7, 1953. 20 years + 60 years = God’s abounding love!

According to our congregation’s archives, God first planted seeds about an LWML society when one of our women attended a LWML meeting in Chicago in 1940. At a planning meeting in November 1952, 20 ladies from the congregation met with Pastor Bartsch. They voted unanimously to establish a society.

Starting with 21 charter members, our membership reached a peak of 52 ladies in 1966. Although we have less than 10 members today, our desire to serve the Lord has not diminished! As the Bible says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20 NIV). The ladies who started our society 60 years ago experienced the blessings of being active in LWML. This “call to serve” continues from one generation to the next.

Whether supporting local projects like gathering mitts and toques for inner-city school children, supplying layettes, kits and quilts to Canadian Lutheran World Relief, sending our mites to LWMLC’s mission grants, planning our annual Mother-Daughter event for the ladies of our congregation, or meeting for Bible study and fellowship, we are blessed to serve God through LWMLC.

Our congregation celebrated LWMLC Sunday and our anniversaries on October 20. Pastor Todd Hoeffs’ sermon and prayers focused on missions and the work of the LWMLC. After worship, the congregation viewed displays of our LWMLC projects, photos and records from our archives, and enjoyed a time of fellowship with cake and coffee.

We pray God will bless your societies, your current and future members just as He has done for us at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer. To God be the Glory!

So how did we arrive at 21,915 days of God’s blessings? We multiplied 60 years by 365 days and added 15 days for the leap years that occurred since 1953.

 ~Janice Storozuk, Vice-President, LWMLC Society, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Winnipeg

Members if Redeemer LWMLC, Winnipeg

Members if Redeemer LWMLC, Winnipeg

For more about Lutheran Women’s Missionary League–Canada visit http://www.lutheranwomen.ca

©LWML-Canada 2013


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