Spreading the Seeds of the WORD

Thunder Bay Zone-2_RGB150Twenty-two women participated in the Central District prayer service for 2014, “Spreading the Seeds of the WORD.” They met Saturday afternoon, March 1, 2014, at Calvary Lutheran Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Pastor Brian Lee spoke about Moses and Saul (Paul). God used them to bring people to know Him. The men were not alone in their task because God was with them in Spirit wherever they went. The same is true for us. Whenever we are moved to tell God’s story to people we meet along the way, God is near and ready to help us. All we need is a willing spirit to tell God’s Love Story.

The offering was $120.50 for Mission Grants. Twenty-nine grocery items and three bars of soap were also received for the local food bank.

Following the prayer service we enjoyed refreshments, goodies and fellowship. It was good to get together after the long cold winter.

Each woman received a package of flower seeds to plant in their gardens in the spring. As they watch the plants grow and, in time, yield flowers, they are to remember God’s love and how we are encouraged to talk to people we meet, telling them about God’s love for them.

 Bev Bloom, Thunder Bay Zone

Thunder Bay Zone-1_RGB150



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