Women lean on Old Testament characters for fashion

For a bit of fun at their recent Mother and Daughter banquet, Faith Lutheran Women in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, used LWML – Canada’s sketch FASHIONS THAT FUNCTION (C-13-45) to explore the latest kitchen fashions. Six women each chose two characters. They created fancy aprons to illustrate their chosen character. The sketch was an all-around success: fun while making the aprons, fun during the fashion show and a great time sharing with the other participants. The reflection/devotion, A MOTHER (C-12-48) ended the evening.

Renate Bishopp


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2 Responses to “Women lean on Old Testament characters for fashion”

  1. Renate Bishopp Says:

    I referenced the source: LWMLC-sketch: Fashions (aprons) that Function: From left to right: Joseph— coat of many colours; Jacob—Lentil soup chef; Esther—the Queen [yours truly!]; Rachel—Jacob’s love; Leah—Jacob’s He loves me not!;
    I hope that helps! 🙂
    Renate Bishopp

  2. Aileen Wetzstein Says:

    What countries are they representing? I can guess some of them, but it would have been nice to have had them listed.


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