Many helping hands in Atikokan

The Atikokan Lutheran Ladies (TALL) thanked local Home Hardware’s Tami Stinson for her ongoing support of their efforts to get blankets and other needed items overseas through Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CWLR). Across Canada, 128 dealers and more than 1,000 Home Hardware stores have partnered with local congregations to use their delivery trucks to provide free transportation to the CLWR warehouse in Winnipeg. In Atikokan, that partnership has been going strong for more than 20 years with annual shipments.
This year, the women have shipped 36 quilts, eight blankets, three afghans, nine pillow case dresses, 15 knitted pneumonia vests, eight knitted infant toques, 10 crocheted play balls, five bandages, one sheet and one mattress cover. Presenting the plaque of appreciation to Stinson are TALL members Sarah Haw, Sharon Beyak, Stinson, Marianne Henze, Hilda Shmyr, Shirley Thompson, Myrtle Main and Karin Kohlman. Missing from photograph are Judy Kruger, Carole Robinson and Heather Eddington.

Myrtle Main





One Response to “Many helping hands in Atikokan”

  1. Elaine Stanfel Says:

    May I use this story for the Central District News? Is there a higher resolution copy of the photo? Thanks.

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