CHILLIWACK, B.C. – “When God made the light He said it was good, so we should walk in the light of His love,” said Marjorie Nielsen, president of St. Paul’s LWMLC, when she welcomed everyone to the Fraser Valley Fall Rally.

Tim Specht of Harvest Hands

Tim Specht of Harvest Hands

Guest speaker, Tim Specht, talked about his work with “Harvest Hands” in Uganda. Harvest Hands focuses on transformational development, spiritual and physical. HIV has decimated the population of Uganda where 50% are 15 years old or younger. They do not know the Lord; life’s distractions separate them from focusing on Christ. Many children are disabled and isolated. Harvest Hands is working with other Christian groups to bring medical treatment for the disabled and counselling for parents. Helping Hands does follow-up care with the children and families, standing with them so they come to believe that God is there for them. Bible study is taught in the schools, and playing soccer has taught the children about perseverance and working together. A farm works in conjunction with the Anglican Diocese teaching sustainable farming “God’s way,” providing employment and food for the community. Future plans include raising funds to add goats to the farm.

District president, Pauline Huth, addresses the group

District president, Pauline Huth, addresses the group

In a short business meeting members were reminded of the 2015 national convention and asked to choose a Young Woman Representative. Dawn Loyie was selected delegate with Shirley Wisdahl as the alternate for the convention.

Reverend G. Wilch preached a message on our attainable, accessible God at the afternoon communion service. We belong to a fellowship with the Apostles through the Word. We walk in the light taught to us by the preaching of God’s Word and we confess to our God with humble hearts where we are led to a place where we can find forgiveness. We seek, feel and touch God when He gives us His holy body and life’s blood with Him at the Lord’s Supper. Christ is among us through fellowship with one another through His body and blood. We walk in the light when we meet Jesus in His promises and trust in his promise.

From a report by Shirley Wisdahl

Looking for a decorating idea?

Looking for a decorating idea?

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League – Canada


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