Use your gifts to serve others

Zion Lutheran Church, Cloverdale, B.C., was the location of the Fraser Valley Spring Renewal Saturday, April 9, 2016, where the theme of the day was “Using your gifts to serve others” based on 1 Peter 4:10a: “each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others.”

Pauline Huth, president of LWMLC ABC District, welcomed the guests and presented a devotion based on using our God-given gifts; managing them well and being a faithful steward of our talents.

A brief business meeting followed which included the election of new members to the Zone Advisory Committee. Four members – Dawn Loyie, Jo-Anne MacAdam, Rose Carlson and Valerie Lowther – will serve on the committee for a two-year term.

The ABC district convention was discussed and an overview of servant projects which will be available at the convention was presented. Projects include shawl ministry, sock monkey ministry, marking Bibles, preparing mite containers and knitting Care Bears for CLWR. Later, all those present took part in preparing decorations for the convention (see the accompanying photos).

Reverend Ian Wemyss led the Bible study, based on John 21, discussing conversations with Jesus. Jesus called Peter “the Rock” but Peter was not a solid rock, he was a rock that rolled. Jesus is a solid rock, the cornerstone, a sure stone, Christ Himself the chief cornerstone. Jesus, the foundation, the rock that doesn’t roll.

In John 21:15, Jesus asked Simon Peter, do you love me? three times. Do you love me more than these – Peter’s life, his work, his friends, his disciples. Each time Jesus replied to Peter, “feed My sheep.”

We can ask ourselves do we love Jesus more than these – our lives, our jobs, things, other people? If you love Jesus, care and serve others around you, using your God given gifts.

Worship service with communion, followed lunch served by Zion LWMLC. Pastor Wemyss spoke on “what are our gifts and strengths. Celebrate your strengths! Can your weaknesses be your strengths? Think of Moses and Paul, their weaknesses were overcome with teamwork with Aaron and Paul’s scribe. Our weaknesses, our sinful nature, are wiped out by God by Baptism, creating a clean slate and new relationship with God.




Shirley Wisdahl

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League – Canada


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  1. Fay Schatschneider Says:

    Could you please tell me about the sock monkey ministry?

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