How great is His love

PLUMAS, Man. – Rev. James Vosper led the opening devotion and Bible study at the Wheatland Zone Renewal on April 12, 2016, centred on the theme “How great is the love of the Father” (1 John 3:3).

Following a business meeting, the ladies got busy stuffing bears and cats which had been knitted or crocheted by the ladies in attendance and members and friends of all the congregations in the zone. It was a wonderful day and we thank the Lord for hands that helped make the day beneficial.

Jean Borchardt

Renewal participants with the 48 quilts made by the Plumas ladies and the bears made at the renewal. Quilts and bears will be sent to Canadian Lutheran World Relief.

Renewal participants with the 48 quilts made by the Plumas ladies and the bears made at the renewal. Quilts and bears will be sent to Canadian Lutheran World Relief.


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Called to serve in Cranbrook


April 6 seven ladies met for morning coffee and quilt tying. All our mission projects were blessed and dedicated on Sunday, April 10. (l to r): Linda Riffle, Sharon Beloin, Lil McKay, Sharon Fantuz, Patti Pascusso, Marilyn Flemming, Irene Kaun (photographer)


The Mt Zion Cranbrook ladies were busy over the winter months with mission projects. Six boxes containing 32 quilts, 6 baby quilts, 37 knitted baby vests, 10 knitted baby sets and 7 little girl dresses were shipped to CLWR in Winnipeg for distribution.

 Marilyn Flemming

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Use your gifts to serve others

Zion Lutheran Church, Cloverdale, B.C., was the location of the Fraser Valley Spring Renewal Saturday, April 9, 2016, where the theme of the day was “Using your gifts to serve others” based on 1 Peter 4:10a: “each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others.”

Pauline Huth, president of LWMLC ABC District, welcomed the guests and presented a devotion based on using our God-given gifts; managing them well and being a faithful steward of our talents.

A brief business meeting followed which included the election of new members to the Zone Advisory Committee. Four members – Dawn Loyie, Jo-Anne MacAdam, Rose Carlson and Valerie Lowther – will serve on the committee for a two-year term.

The ABC district convention was discussed and an overview of servant projects which will be available at the convention was presented. Projects include shawl ministry, sock monkey ministry, marking Bibles, preparing mite containers and knitting Care Bears for CLWR. Later, all those present took part in preparing decorations for the convention (see the accompanying photos).

Reverend Ian Wemyss led the Bible study, based on John 21, discussing conversations with Jesus. Jesus called Peter “the Rock” but Peter was not a solid rock, he was a rock that rolled. Jesus is a solid rock, the cornerstone, a sure stone, Christ Himself the chief cornerstone. Jesus, the foundation, the rock that doesn’t roll.

In John 21:15, Jesus asked Simon Peter, do you love me? three times. Do you love me more than these – Peter’s life, his work, his friends, his disciples. Each time Jesus replied to Peter, “feed My sheep.”

We can ask ourselves do we love Jesus more than these – our lives, our jobs, things, other people? If you love Jesus, care and serve others around you, using your God given gifts.

Worship service with communion, followed lunch served by Zion LWMLC. Pastor Wemyss spoke on “what are our gifts and strengths. Celebrate your strengths! Can your weaknesses be your strengths? Think of Moses and Paul, their weaknesses were overcome with teamwork with Aaron and Paul’s scribe. Our weaknesses, our sinful nature, are wiped out by God by Baptism, creating a clean slate and new relationship with God.




Shirley Wisdahl

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Bottoms for Babies


Twenty-five mini layettes (100 diapers made from recycled tee-shirts, 25 receiving blankets, 50 pins) made and assembled with love by the women of St. Peter Lutheran Church Oxbow, Saskatchewan were delivered to the Hospital Aquilino Tejeira, in the city of Penenome, Panama on April 1, 2016. Our contact person, Helen Pierson, a Canadian ex-pat resident of Coronado, Panama, arranged for the delivery of the donations.


Before the process began Helen was advised that each mini layette contained a Bible verse written in Spanish. She told us this was very acceptable and was in fact encouraged. The crucifix is prominently displayed throughout the hospital. All donations are carefully recorded and will be given by requisition to those in the direst need. There are 400 babies born at this hospital each month, 20% of the babies will be born into abject poverty. Infant mortality rate is approximately 20.8 deaths per 1000 live births. Canada’s infant mortality rate is less than 5%.

Helen did the necessary paper work, accompanied us to the hospital and was with us, my daughter-in-law Sherry and me, as we toured the facility and visited the maternity wards. The hospital reminded me of the hospitals built in rural Saskatchewan in the 1960’s and was equipped with some modern equipment, including an ultra sound machine.

We were able to meet with the moms and babies and the staff who cared for them. Had there been a delivery in progress we would have been able to attend after putting on the required dress! Three days is the average hospital stay following delivery. We were also able to visit the moms who had c-sections. Two of these moms were each given one of our mini layettes. The moms stay in the hospital for five post-delivery days and are not required to care for their babies all the time. The maternity wards were simple and met the basic needs of the women and babies. Teaching posters are there for those who need first time instruction re breast feeding and baby care as well information for female hygiene and post-delivery care for the moms. The staff was delighted to show us around and eager to answer our questions.

All in all it was an experience to remember! I give thanks to our loving Heavenly Father for giving us the opportunity to share our local abundance with others! Thanks to thanks to those who sewed with a passion for Christian Mission!

Marilyn Schultz

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Fanning the flame as we reach out to refugees

SURREY, B.C. – Sixty women and men of the Fraser Valley Zone accepted an invitation to Faith Lutheran to learn how our church is bringing Christ to refugees.

(l-r) Fikre Tsehai, development manager, refugee resettlement, Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR); Fikre’s wife, Senait Biadgilign, community relations, refugee resettlement CLWR

(l-r) Fikre Tsehai, development manager, refugee resettlement, Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR); Fikre’s wife, Senait Biadgilign, community relations, refugee resettlement CLWR

The guest speaker, Fikre Tsehai, development manager for refugee resettlement with Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) said that the first refugees cared for and settled in Canada by CLWR were from Germany 65 years ago. Today there are 60,000,000 refugees all over the world. Famine, hunger, war and displacement of people are common causes for people to flee from their homelands. Mr. Tsehai asked if we could imagine a world without refugees. As Christians we are to love our neighbours, feed the hungry, and provide for their thirst. CLWR and Lutheran World Federation are actively involved in sponsoring refugees coming to Canada and ensuring lives are improved for the better by providing clothing, food vouchers and water for those in refugee camps. Many of our LWMLC societies assist by making quilts, baby bundles, We Care kits, etc. We also can help with our donations and providing supplies from “Gifts from the Heart” brochure. But overall, prayer is the biggest assistance we can provide.

In the afternoon, Reverend G. Wilch brought a message based on 2 Timothy 1:6, “Fan the flame of God.” Flames are internal and require fuel. Motivation, zeal and energy help fuel our gifts. Since they can die down, what do we need to tend this flame? Consider our mission statement: growing in God’s Word, sharing God’s Son, serving God’s people. God never gets tired of serving us. Jesus is always there to re-ignite our passion, to fan the flame of our gifts of service.

Business and a convention report from delegate, Dawn Loyie, greetings from district president, Pauline Huth, and an update on district convention plans by Valerie Lowther rounded out the day.

Shirley Wisdahl

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Sewing machines humming

Ladies at Christ, Petawawa, Ontario, held a Mission Service work bee on January 16. After a brief demonstration by Marie Sack, six sewing machines began humming while two more members prepared materials. In a short time eight sanitary pads were completed. The group hoped to finish fifty pads by Easter but as of February 17, 116 had been completed with more in the works.

Elaine Stanfel 

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Feel the burn

The evening of Tuesday, January 26, 2016, was the annual LWMC Prayer Service at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Patti Kreutzwieser led the service “Fan into Flame the Gift of God…Feel the Burn,” which she prepared for the Central District of LWMLC. The service is based on Luke 24:31a + 32a, “Their eyes were opened and they recognized Him….. They said, ‘Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked to us…?’ The eighteen women in attendance were encouraged to feel the burn the Holy Spirit gives us during corporate worship, daily living, private devotion, Bible study and service to others.

2016 Prayer Service ed_RGB180

As a part of the service, we had an ingathering of baked goods and snack food. These items were given to our local firefighters in appreciation for the work they do to keep us safe.

Lydia Parker, President

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